You will notice that we don’t have a lot of before or after testimonial photos on our website and here is why:

When patients come to us for treatment, they are coming to see us for a dental service; it is not their job to promote our office. Many patients are already uncomfortable coming in for dental treatment. The last thing we want to do is make someone more uncomfortable by asking if we can take before or after pictures to show off our work and promote our business. It takes time to take photographs – time we would rather spend providing dental treatment – after all, our patients spend their hard-earned money for our services. Asking patients for pictures and testimonials during an office visit feels icky to us. It feels wrong. We know that posting before and after photos and patient video testimonials would get us more clicks on our website – but that doesn’t feel authentic to who we are. We would prefer patients leave our office happy and satisfied with the dental care they have received at our office and go out into our community and smile and say, “Look what Dr. Cox and his team did for me today!”

That being said, if you would like to write us a positive review on Google +, Yelp or Health Grades, please feel free to click the appropriate link on the upper right side of any page on our website. Or if you would like us to post your personal testimonial on our website for you, please feel free to ask our office manager for a comment card to fill out at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!




I am a dentist. I go to Brian Cox for my dentistry. I CAN judge good dentistry and Dr. Cox is one of the best in Fort Collins. At first I chose the office because of his quality work and his charity participation with children in Fort Collins. I needed an objective look at my past fillings and dental care. I got that and a whole lot more, friendly service from Nancy, flexible scheduling, high tech appt reminders and excellent cleanings from Christi, RDH. The numerous people I have sent their way all say the same thing. Dr. Cox and his office are at the top of the list for good dentists in Fort Collins.

Written by Dr. Greg Evans, DDS
Pediatric Dentist, Fort Collins, CO

I am very grateful for the outstanding dental care I received from Dr. Cox. I appreciate his skill and sound advice. I admire the personal time Dr. Cox commits to continued education to stay on top of his profession. Dr. Cox uses a dry vacuum system at his office which saves thousands of gallons of water each year - I appreciate that Dr. Cox cares about conserving our natural resources and protecting our environment.

P. Korn